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A dish for Sunday : Chard gnocchi with Pecorino fonduta and Tuscan Salami

1 December 2013

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Chard gnocchi

Pecorino fonduta

Tuscan salami - 2 slices per person (8 slices)

Black pepper

Sea salt


800g potatoes

700g chard

200g flour

2 egg yolks



200g Pecorino Nero Senese (weight without rind)

200ml milk

Black pepper


Boil the potatoes in their skin and after having cooled, put them through a potato ricer.

Wash the chard and put them in a pan without water. Add some salt and when they are cooked, remove any excess moisture. Put them in the mixer and reduce to a cream.

Mix the chard cream in to the potatoes, add the eggs, flour. Add salt if necessary and shape the dough into small cylinders of 1cm diameter.

With a knife, cut the cylinders into small pieces of around 1 cm (these are called topini).

Leave them on the floured work surface and in the meantime, prepare the Pecorino fonduta.

Remember to cut the pecorino into cubes and leave it to soften in a bowl with the milk.

Put the pecorino and milk in a pan and melt in a Bain marie. Whisk continuously until the cheese melts and forms a cream. Then add the pepper and take off the heat.

Cut the Tuscan salami into thin julienne strips. Put the salami and the fonduta in a wide pan while you boil the topini. For the topini, boil some water in a pasta pan, add some salt and add a tablespoon extra virgin olive oil so that the topini do not stick to each other. Add the topini and when the rise to the surface of the water, remove them and add them to the salami and fonduta. Heat the topini through in this pan for 5 minutes and serve immediately adding more freshly ground black pepper.