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Year 6 | Thursday 21 September 2017

Battle on a knife edge – Tuscany v Veneto!

11 June 2015

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It was a real battle on a knife edge - the Central Market in Florence in an atmosphere of friendly hospitality saw two renowned master butchers take centre stage, Bruno Bassetto from Treviso, official endorser of the "Qualità Verificata" trademark Venetian meat and the Sienese Enrico Ricci heir of a historical butchers. The main stars however were not the butchers, but their products: The Venetian Qualità Verificata Vitellone ai Cereali and the Chianina PGI that were in the running to be the best steak tartare. The jury evaluated flavour, tenderness, colour and taste of the meat which was presented on toasted bread both plain and also dressed with extra virgin olive oil.

At the final count, there was surprise all round, as it was not the Tuscans, famous for their meat, who had won, but the Venetian with a score of 4215 votes to Ricci's 4087. However another winner was the great spirit of friendship between the two associations of breeders which were represented by their directors, Giuliano Marchesin and Paolo Canestrari.

Source: ANSA