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Naples pizzeria creates sea water pizza

15 June 2015

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A master pizzaiolo, Guglielmo Vuolo, from Naples has had the ingenious idea of using sea water instead of adding salt to pizza dough. Mr. Vuolo has been testing his sea water pizzas over the last few months in his pizzeria Eccellenze Campane, and has received approval from his customers.

The technique using sea water in the pizza dough is complex. It requires a long leavening (over 20 hours), at room temperature, because the total absence of salt and sodium chloride creates problems in the preparation of the dough. However the end result assures Vuolo is a pizza which is lighter, softer, more digestible and enhances the authentic flavors of the ingredients."

The sea water used of course, if not that taken directly from the sea, but a microbiologically pure product which is for food use and it differs from salt in that it has around 92 different elements of the periodic table in it whereas salt is almost exclusively sodium chloride, which is very harmful to health.

Source: ANSA