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Year 6 | Thursday 21 September 2017

“Healthy” Cinema snacks can result in 5 days’ worth of sugar

22 June 2015

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We all know that feeling... you get to the cinema and are hit by a pang of hunger, especially when there is the smell of popcorn in the air. The temptation is too great and so, of course, you buy a bucket of popcorn thinking that it isn't that bad for you as crisps or fried food, but that perhaps where you're wrong! New findings have shown that one popcorn bucket can contain up to FIVE days' amount of sugar recommended by the World Health Organisation.

The figures based on sugar and salt were compiled by the Consensus Action on Salt and Health and they found that the cinema chain, Cineworld, was the worst offender, with its 200g pack of toffee popcorn containing 121g of sugar, which is equivalent to 30 teaspons! However, also savoury popcorn didn't fare much better. Again, it was Cineworld's popcorn with the highest amount of salt, at 5g, just one gram under the recommended daily amount and packing a whopping 1213 calories, almost half the daily total recommended amount for an adult man.

Although no warning label is used for cinema popcorn, based on these findings, 7 in 10 packets of sweet and 1 in 4 packets of savoury popcorn would carry a red warning label, busting the myth that it is a "healthy" snack.