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Sainsbury’s creates their most attractive lettuce, the Red Butterhead

6 July 2015

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After the news of Asda's striped pepper followed by Tesco's sweet tasting cabbage, it seems another supermarket is also getting in on the act of introducing new types of vegetables. This time the supermarket in question is Sainsbury's, who have just introduced a new type of lettuce, which they are claiming as their most attractive lettuce ever. The lettuce is a red butterhead which has been grown in Lincolnshire and really is a beauty with green, red and purple leaves all set together to look like a rose.

In Italian, there is a saying that goes, "even the eyes want their part" to mean that food should look good as well as tasting good, and perhaps Sainbury's have taken this saying to heart producing a beautiful looking lettuce which will hopefully appeal to people in this warm spell, although they have also focused on taste and the resulting flavour is sweet and mild with a delicate and soft texture.