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Year 6 | Thursday 21 September 2017

White Barbera

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It is an ancient variety of Piemonte, it is impossible to identify with certainty the area of origin, but you can probably locate it in the area of Acqui and Alessandria, where, in the past, it was widespread and where it can still be found. Demaria and Liardi (1875) claim that its name comes from the similarity of the bunch with that of the red grape Barbera. The similarity between the two varieties, in fact, is only found in their morphological appearance. The quote by Acerbi (1825) is from an even earlier date which confirms its cultivation in Valenza, still in the Alessandria area. Other sources, such as Rovasenda (1877), Giulietti (1884) and Molon (1906) indicate the presence of a vine with the same name in the Oltrepò area (Lombardy).

Geographical Spread

The vine has almost disappeared, although it is still possible to find a few rows of vines in the province of Alessandria, jealously guarded by elderly farmers.

Morphological Characteristics

The bunch is medium-sized, cylindrical, conical, elongated, compact.


It is ellipsoidal, with a thick skin and a consistent pruinosity. The production is usually abundant and constant. The plant is resistant to frost and has low sensitivity to downy mildew, although more vulnerableto vine mildew. It prefers clay limestone hilly terrain. The ripening period is average.