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Year 6 | Thursday 21 September 2017

Tasting Notes – Reseca Sicilia IGT Rosso (Gulfi Winery)

10 June 2015

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Nerello mascalese grapes are often used for the "Rubino" version of Marsala, blended with other grapes (such as Calabrese and Perricone) although there are many wineries in Sicily who have decided to show what great characteristics this grape has by producing it in purity. The Gulfi Winery makes the Reseca wine from 100% nerello mascalese grapes which are found on vineyards dotted around the Etna volcano at around 800m above sea level. The high position of the grapes and the volcanic soil certainly give an interesting interpretation of this wine.

Here are our tasting notes for Reseca Sicilia IGT Rosso (2008) from the Gulfi Winery

In the visual examination, we find a beautiful ruby red colour which is already heading towards garnet red. Rotating the glass, we find that the wine is consistent.

The bouquet takes us by surprise not only for its intensity but also for its complexity. It is so complex that we could even call it ample. We can catch hints of evolved fruits such as dried prunes, cherries preserved in alcohol, and wild fruit jams. There is a slight floral note of violets and then we are hit by a wave of balsamic notes, eucalyptus, herbs and mint as well as spicy notes such as pepper and cloves, and after returning to the glass after some time even hints of leather and animal have been released.

On the palate, the wine is well balanced: warm and soft while, at the same time, fresh, tannic and tasty. It is most certainly a full-bodied wine which leaves a persistent, but always pleasant, aftertaste.

This is a great wine for special occasions that I would personally drink alone as meditation wine.